About us


  • Privately Owned
  • Headquartered in Manassas, VA

Major Services

  • Focused on integrated security solutions
  • Electronic Security and Asset Protection
  • UL-2050 SCIF design, install and service
  • Communications, Network, and General Engineering
  • Electrical Install
  • Inside outside plant
  • Ancillary Services

    Comprised of two legacy market-leading operations

    • 24 x 7 service with SLA agreements
    • Provides UL-certified Monitoring Center

Physical Security Capability

Asset Protection Solutions

  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • CCTV/Advanced Optics
  • Analytical CCTV
  • Radar and Surveillance Systems
  • Acoustic Sensors
  • C2/Fusion Centers
  • Physical Security Information Mgmt. (PSIM)
  • ID Management/Credentialing/ HSPD-12
  • Biometrics

Systems Engineering Services

  • Risk Assessments
  • COOP Development and Consulting
  • System Evaluation
  • Integration
  • Site Surveys
  • System Design/Build
  • Installation
  • Test/Turnover
  • Certification & Accreditation
  • Quality Control
  • Operator Training
  • Extended Maintenance
  • Upgrade/Replacement
  • Audits and Inspections

Value Proposition

Complete Life Cycle

  • PMP certified project managers
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Dedicated Service Technicians SLA Agreements
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Core has also setup an Advanced Replacement Depot with all the necessary parts to resolve an issue quickly with the least amount of downtime.


Support to Deliver Operational Results

  • Core has the in-depth infrastructure and organization to deliver operational results
  • Core teams of administrative staff, project managers, engineers will develop an on call technical support staff for your project